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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Yoona and Im Siwan's historical drama fails to live up to expectations

Article: Yoona and Im Siwan's drama is an MBC historical drama disgrace

Source: Sports Donga via Nate

Article talks about how their MBC drama is doing poorly, casting a dent on MBC's history of historical drams with high viewer ratings.

1. [+650, -56] Honestly the only drama Yoona had good viewer ratings in as a lead was the daily drama 'You're My Destiny', but most of KBS's daily dramas hit over 20% in viewer ratings on the regular, so...

2. [+402, -60] MBC itself is a disgrace anyway so it's fine

3. [+374, -71] The drama's boring!!

4. [+75, -27] I usually skip any drama Yoona's in

5. [+74, -23] Why does Yoona keep getting cast?

6. [+60, -27] Well you have the combination of a fantasy historical drama with a female lead who can't act... I think the producers know very well why no one's watching this drama...

7. [+53, -4] Historical dramas these days have turned into fantasy romances...

8. [+50, -18] Their stupid fangirls and fanboys kept hyping the drama up so I thought it was doing well but it's only 5% in viewer ratings... Looks like Soshi's a flop both on the digital charts, dramas, and varieties

9. [+50, -16] This is why you can't just throw in any idol you want in a drama. You need a good plot and decent acting skills to back it up.

9. [+49, -18] I briefly watched it and it was so boring..;

10. [+48, -4] Why do producers keep casting Yoona when her viewer ratings tank every time

11. [+47, -4] Yoona doesn't have that strength to pull a drama forward. She's pretty but the type of pretty that loses energy. I think it's her voice that's the problem... or maybe she's just not good at acting. All of Yoona's dramas have only been hyped up by Soshi fans saying she's good and praising her in all the comments... and yet her dramas have never been popular

12. [+43, -9] I guess I wasn't the only one who thought it was boring... I tried to force myself to watch it for Im Siwan but the plot is just too weird

13. [+40, -19] It's not their acting, the plot is just so boring! I'm a jjang fan of both of them so I waited for months but had to quit after the 5th episode. Way too boring.

14. [+38, -5] Anything Yoona is in is boring. Her acting's not my style.

15. [+31, -3] Honestly speaking, Yoona's not that charming of a lead. Her face and pronunciation are just not a good fit for a lead. I skip any drama Yoona and Shin Min Ah are leads in, Park Yoochun too. Just my personal preference.



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