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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

UEE and Gangnam break up after 3 months

Article: [Exclusive] UEE and Gangnam break up... three months of dating come to an end

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+2,279, -95] I bet UEE was the one who wanted to break up ㅋㅋ all that crap she was saying on SNS, tsk tsk. Getting her picture taken was to blame ㅡㅡ

2. [+1,637, -137] Feels like Gangnam got played...

3. [+1,561, -41] Hul????????????????!?!?

4. [+186, -16] I had a feeling Gangnam was wasting his time when UEE speeded to her SNS to deny the rumors when they first broke out. Gangnam, good on you for breaking up! Better things are yet to come! Find true love and show em what you're made of!

5. [+181, -14] For UEE to have denied it until the end, maybe she was too embarrassed of dating Gangnam

6. [+169, -22] Let me tell you what happened: To UEE, Gangnam was like a toy. A toy that she had fun playing with by herself but not flashy enough to show off to others.

7. [+131, -14] I feel bad for Gangnam... :(

8. [+123, -10] I personally find this really petty of UEE

9. [+117, -4] I knew something wasn't right when UEE looked like she was basically being forced to confirm the relationship and then deleting her SNS

10. [+114, -13] Hul.. I knew UEE would do this ㅡㅡ


Source: Naver

1. [+7,778, -203] I think UEE wasn't intending on dating him enough to go public so she decided to call it quits for the sake of her image

2. [+5,849, -136] Probably broke up in the middle of a some

3. [+5,322, -116] The media should give couples at least 6 months before forcing them to go public

4. [+5,630, -259] Sigh, they were probably in a some before the media blew it up

5. [+4,296, -176] Should've just left them alone...

6. [+1,316, -83] I think the facts are that Gangnam really liked UEE whereas UEE was like "ehh maybe I'll date him, he seems alright" and that's right when the dating rumors broke out. Obviously Gangnam's going to confirm them whereas UEE is starting to feel the pressure so she eventually calls it quits ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+839, -35] I doubt Gangnam wanted to break up...

8. [+769, -27] Gangnam apparently lost 15 kg last month... he seems to have gone through a lot of emotional stress

9. [+928, -99] Only those two will know the real reason but I personally got goosebumps with the way UEE denied the initial rumors so vehemently on her SNS;;;; how could you lie like that when you're clearly in a relationship? Proves that celebrities aren't 100% to be trusted... She obviously thinks she's above Gangnam in terms of level or image and he's not a boyfriend she's proud to show off... I'm totally over UEE after seeing her handle this whole thing. Seems like a whole lot of fuss for someone who isn't even a real actress.

10. [+1,090, -155] UEE seems to think she has a ton of male fans and she'll be in big trouble if she gets into a relationship... but nope... I actually thought it would improve her image if she dated Gangnam. She needs to stop acting like a top star who has to hide her relationships... sigh...



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