Suzy finalizes contract renewal with JYP

Article: Suzy stays loyal to JYP, contract renewed

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+768, -41] Win win for both Suzy and JYP. Park Jin Young has an eye for talent and career direction, as long as he doesn't send you overseas...

2. [+589, -43] Looks like she chose to renew after shopping around... Since she still has a desire in singing, it's a good thing for both of them...

3. [+512, -157] I wouldn't necessarily call her "loyal" when it took months for JYP to convince and persuade her ㅋ

4. [+61, -9] I wouldn't determine her loyalty based on whether she chose to stay or not. It's a win win for both since Suzy has a lot of passion left in singing.

5. [+58, -7] Suzy's name itself fits JYP the best. SuzYP.


Source: Naver

1. [+3,202, -131] Good luck to Suzy! JYP's best for her

2. [+2,849, -121] Suzy and JYP are the best fit!

3. [+2,481, -140] Good on JYP for pulling it off, good on Suzy for staying loyal

4. [+1,703, -101] It's finally official! Always supporting you, Suzy!

5. [+1,453, -99] Congratulations~~^^* Looking forward to more promos!!

6. [+421, -32] JYP does fit her best. She's such a top star now that I'm sure JYP will treat her the way she deserves. It's great all around.

7. [+369, -28] Win win ^^ Always supporting you Suzy

8. [+349, -30] No way JYP would lose a catch like Suzy