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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jessica releases 10th anniversary comeback album

Article: "No regrets" Jessica puts her 10 years in her break up song

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+2,768, -584] Objectively, the song's good. Not a Jessica or Soshi fan, just an ear of the public.

2. [+2,079, -512] I just listened to it and it's good!

3. [+1,899, -488] Just listened and it's pretty good??

4. [+1,648, -459] Jessica looks super pretty in the MV and the song's good~~~ gonna download it

5. [+1,517, -428] Song's super good.... just listen to her tone

6. [+570, -146] Song sounds good ㅎ

7. [+571, -152] Jessica has great talent as a producer too but I can see how much she improved as a solo... this doesn't seem like an easy song to sing but it sounds awesome

8. [+644, -179] Jessica isn't like other idols who memorize whatever parts their companies give them. She actually works with her staff to produce her songs, which I like. I also think it produces higher quality songs too.

9. [+417, -106] I always liked Jessica's vocal tone so I listened to every release and the quality is really great. I only listened to her previous album once and was like whatever but I can see myself listening to this one on repeat. The other songs are just as good as the title track.

10. [+412, -108] Jessica definitely has a great voice. Her voice would be a waste to not be a singer with.



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