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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Twice enjoys insane popularity in Japan

Article: Twice's Japanese advancement sets them apart from SNSD and KARA

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+605, -67] Twice has three Japanese members, and according to local interviews, the Japanese can relate to Twice more because they have Japanese members. Of course they have great songs and dances but I think having Japanese members is playing a large role. It's different from Soshi and KARA.

2. [+327, -19] One thing's for sure, Korea's way better at producing girl groups than Japan is

3. [+439, -63] This really isn't media play, Twice is insane in Japan right now... they're still #1 on Tower Records

4. [+299, -31] Twice fighting!! ❤

5. [+263, -50] Let's comeback in the fall and go for daesang~~~

6. [+124, -24] They're doing great

7. [+83, -12] Twice is doing well over there

8. [+73, -9] Twice~ jjang!!

9. [+73, -13] The fact that Twice has three Japanese members is a huge advantage for them since the Japanese are very nationalistic

10. [+36, -3] KARA was a true syndrome back then too, I know because I was in Japan at the time. All of my classmates were dancing to the butt dance during breaks ㅋㅋ and asking me what the Korean lyrics meant. I don't know what it's like now but believe me when I say KARA was huge back then too. I got so tired having to translate their songs all the time ㅠㅠ

11. [+23, -4] Twice has the advantage of having Japanese members. Soshi and KARA were in Japan during the Hallyu boom whereas Hallyu is pretty much dead in Japan right now so the fact that Twice is doing well is amazing in its own right.

12. [+20, -2] I'm living in Furano, Japan right now and the top three popular Korean singers here among Japanese young adults are Big Bang, SHINee, and Twice. I hear their songs all the time at karaoke and see them on digital charts.



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