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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

President Moon Jae In keeps promise to adopt Tori as the first dog

Article: 'Tori' in the arms of President Moon

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

Tori was rescued 2 years ago before he was scheduled to be slaughtered. The president promised to adopt him as the first dog during his campaign and went back today to finalize his adoption. Tori is said to be the first abandoned dog in the world to become a nation's first dog.


1. [+1,881, -74] Tori-ya, you hit jackpot late in life. Live a happy life.

2. [+1,628, -73] Wow! A president who keeps his promise! Amazing! Tori-ya, let's keep your future bright ❤

3. [+1,533, -67] Such a great deed!!! Tori-ya, hope you grow with lots of love and happiness!

4. [+62, -7] Wow, not only is Tori the first abandoned dog who was adopted as Korea's first dog but the first in the entire world. So cool!

5. [+57, -4] He was finally adopted?? Live happy~~~ give the president lots of aegyo and live happy~~~

6. [+56, -7] Moon Tori~ let's make sure you receive lots of love and live a happy life~

7. [+54, -10] So proud of our president. I genuinely respect him.

8. [+53, -6] That dog went from hell to heaven... amazing how life can turn out sometimes

9. [+51, -5] You truly never know what can happen in life... who knew the sun would finally shine? Let's all work hard ㅎㅎ

10. [+44, -8] Ah, I'm tearing up... a president who has so much love for animals will receive my love right back. Please embrace your country like you're embracing little Tori.



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