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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Miss Korea-turned-anchorwoman Seo Hyun Jin to marry a doctor

Article: [Exclusive] Miss Korea turned anchorwoman Seo Hyun Jin to get married to doctor 5 years older

Source: Sports Kyung via Nate

1. [+623, -47] Proves that all of the glasses-wearing nerds in high school end up marrying the beauties rather than the popular iljins

2. [+579, -66] Kyah~ guess you need to be a doctor to date someone like her... let's all study hard guys.. ㅠㅜ

3. [+508, -41] For once it's not a gyopo businessman

4. [+47, -13] I remember reading a blind item in 2007 where she tried to get married into a chaebol family but didn't have the specs for it so she left to study abroad for a bit before trying again... looks like she failed and is settling for a doctor instead.

5. [+31, -2] Why are people saying she's marrying up? She's got decent specs herself too. She's a beauty pageant winner turned anchorwoman who studied abroad. What's so special about a doctor??

6. [+16, -10] Women are about looks, men are about job prestige

7. [+14, -3] Oh come on, she's a former Miss Korea... she deserves to get married to someone who's done well in life. You can go to any hospital and see a doctor but where can you go to see a Miss Korea? It's way harder to win Miss Korea, a competition where only one person is chosen out of the entire country, than it is to become a doctor. And she's obviously got brains if she became an anchorwoman. The doctor's the one who is marrying up in this case.

8. [+13, -7] Kyah, shows that all the pretty ladies are being taken home by the wealthy men ㅋㅋㅋ guess you need to be a doctor at the least to marry someone like her ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+12, -4] She's a super gold digger, guess she finally landed herself one

10. [+5, -2] She settled compared to all the other anchorwomen who married up



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