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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kang Dongho pens a letter to his fans

Article: NU'EST Kang Dongho shares handwritten letter "I'll see you soon"

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+392, -25] Too many bad things happened to him all at once, too much for a 23 year old to handle. I hope he overcomes it all!

2. [+323, -23] Find strength!

3. [+318, -33] Dongho-ya, we'll wait for you! I'm always on your side

4. [+53, -0] I can sense his genuine feelings from his letter... I may be late but I'll be waiting for you here, Dongho-ya

5. [+48, -0] Find strength, Dongho-ya, I'll be waiting

6. [+46, -0] We can wait a bit longer, we'll support you until we can see you smiling again

7. [+44, -0] See you soon, Dongho-ya!

8. [+43, -0] Find strength, only good things will happen now, I'll be waiting

9. [+39, -1] There are fans who believe in you!!! Only good things will happen!

10. [+33, -0] Find strength!! I can tell he's matured a lot from this letter ㅜ he's still a young age.. and I'm grateful that he's overcoming these hard times like this.



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