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Sunday, July 23, 2017

[Instiz] Netizens question gender policing in Jung Yonghwa's 'That Girl' lyrics

Instiz: Jung Yonghwa-ssi, what exactly does it mean to be 'woman woman'?

Jung Yonghwa's new song 'That Girl' directly translates to 'Woman Woman-like', and a part of his lyrics describes a woman at a bar as 'woman woman'. It's a form of Korean slang where a word is repeated twice to describe/emphasize something, similar to how we describe something in English as 'summery'.
"That dress is so summery" -> Koreans would say "that dress is so summer summer"

His lyrics say, "You are woman woman / there is no woman more woman woman than you in this lounge bar / I'm going to grab your wrist so don't pass me by this time / don't tie your hair, it melts my heart / don't put your hair behind your ear, it melts my heart", leading netizens to criticize him for enforcing gender rules and forcing women into society's traditional frame that they need to be feminine and 'woman-like' to be considered a woman.


"It's horrifying to see that so many people don't understand what's so wrong with these lyrics. I can completely see why they'd be considered problematic, please stop calling us too sensitive ㅠㅠ It's not that we're making it a problem, the problem is that some people don't realize it's a problem. It's through controversies like this that people learn."

"I like the song's melody but the lyrics are too..."

"Yeah, I was put off by the title"

"The lyrics did make me uncomfortable... and once this reaches the media, I think it's going to become an even bigger problem. It's because everyone else accuses us of being 'too sensitive' that people are staying quiet ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

"If he had any understanding of the current social issues going on, he could not have written such lyrics. There are so many movements going on for the rights of women right now..."

"I thought 'what the' when I read the lyrics too. Stop saying that people are being too sensitive over this."

"I knew this would become a problem."

"I knew this would be controversial as soon as I read it. I guess people who don't understand why don't have any interest in social issues."

"With all the issues surrounding women's rights right now, I can't believe he would put out a song like this."

"Never did I think I would see a song titled 'Woman Woman-like' in 2017"

"What are the standards to be considered a woman? There are so many issues with women's rights right now, is he just behind on the times or what? He should be embarrassed as a public figure that he isn't more informed and he should take more of an interest in what's going on in his own society."

"Why is he enforcing what it means to be feminine... I knew this would be controversial"



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