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Saturday, July 8, 2017

BTS x Seo Taiji 'Come Back Home' MV production reps apologize for not living up to expectations

Article: Seo Taiji "I apologize for BTS 'Come Back Home' MV not living up to expectations" [official]

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+5,157, -243] What's going on? Did someone hate on the MV?

2. [+5,204, -482] Huh? Armies never had any complaints... We're happy that they were even able to remake a song of a senior that they respect...

3. [+4,130, -347] None of the fans around me said anything, who were the crazy people who complained? Stop ruining BTS' name

4. [+3,611, -338] BTS fans never had any complaints~ why are haters getting mad ㅋㅋ

5. [+2,531, -235] It was hard to understand what the MV was about... but just because it's different from their other MVs doesn't make it wrong. It was a good MV for a good song! It was pretty disappointing that BTS wasn't actually in it but it was good! :)

6. [+813, -38] First of all, Seo Taiji didn't apologize but the MV production company. It also wasn't BTS fans who made these complaints. Most of the Armies are enjoying the song for what it is.

7. [+762, -44] BTS fans never made complaints about the MV, not sure where this misunderstanding is coming from

8. [+680, -32] The entire song was just a project and the MV wasn't a necessary component of it. They did a great remake and the song sounds great. Instead of criticizing a fan service song this way and that, just enjoy it. BTS fans themselves don't have any complaints with it at all.

9. [+623, -23] I don't think Armies ever cared... seems a minority of weirdos made these complaints. BTS isn't even the star of Seo Taiji's project.

10. [+576, -25] I've been hanging around all the community sites and I barely saw any criticisms or complaints. Most people were chill about BTS not actually being in the MV... ㅠㅠ pretty embarrassed that this is happening. It was an honor for BTS to be able to be with Seo Taiji for his 25th anniversary!



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