Wanna One promise to focus on only their promos for the duration of their group

Article: "No double promos"... Wanna One will be different from IOI

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+3,699, -85] After seeing all the hate that Chaeyeon and Sejung got, not letting the members do double promos is the best choice

2. [+2,560, -77] To prevent hate and other awkward situations, it's best to promise that they won't debut or promote with other groups. Let's go all kill the rookie awards now.

3. [+1,913, -35] They'll actually be promoting for a longer time than I thought. About a year and half, right? IOI got about 8 months..

4. [+477, -11] Shouldn't this have always been the condition? It's a group that can only promote once before fans can't see them again, it's best for the fans that Wanna One focus on their promos while they can~

5. [+356, -8] I know that other agencies are going to try and pull them out so please don't betray one another and hold on tight. I can already see fans baiting each other into this and that so let's just gather our strength for the success of the kids.

6. [+367, -17] Any member that double dips in promos will never be viewed positively ㅎㅎ The trainees went on this showing knowing that they would be stuck with Wanna One for the next year and six months ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅎㅎㅎ Keep to the contract until the end, fighting!!!

7. [+271, -7] Definitely in their best interests to stick to focusing on Wanna One promos~ let's hit daebak!

8. [+262, -11] The greedy CEOs need to hold back and let their trainees focus on Wanna One. The real war starts once their promos end so don't ruin their image this early by acting rash.