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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sulli's waiting room picture gets attention after Sung Dong Il's call out

Article: Sulli's waiting room picture earns attention after Sung Dong Il's call out on her being late

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate

1. [+3,905, -57] For Sung Dong Il to have called her out means that he really held it in for as much as he could...

2. [+3,142, -37] She totally doesn't give a f*ck

3. [+2,846, -54] Sung Dong Il is the saint for putting up with her... I'd never work with someone like this again

4. [+242, -2] Park Kyung Lim was asking her questions and she couldn't even answer anything properly. She kept saying weird, off topic things and Sung Dong Il had to step in and be like, "Her brain flies around if you ask her more than two questions" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sung Dong Il seems to have a lot pent up with her

5. [+202, -2] You have to watch clips from the press conference to get the true vibe of it. He was clenching his teeth while smiling and saying, "Sulli changed into three different dresses today and I think this one matches her best", "Were you late today because you were putting this on?"... Sulli still didn't get a clue and kept smiling like an idiot saying she wanted to look pretty for the event. Talk about raising blood pressure. And this confirmed my belief that it's not "acting" she wants to do but "acting like an actress".

6. [+186, -5] If she cared so much about looking good for the event, she should've arrived 1-2 hours earlier to pick out her outfits. When asked why she was late, how can she think "because I wanted to look good" is an appropriate answer? It's because of women like her that other women get looked down upon in the work force.

7. [+158, -2] Empty tin can brain...

8. [+143, -0] Imagine how funny it is from the perspective of a veteran like Sung Dong Il to see an idol with an actor disease arriving late because she was picking a dress out ㅋㅋㅋㅋ does she not think other actresses care about what they wear? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it's all about staying within the time limit tsk tsk

9. [+136, -1] Why is it that everything she does is so pathetic

10. [+117, -2] She only gets the princess treatment as an idol... as an actor, she's nothing. There's no reason for someone like Sung Dong Il to baby her considering the class of the actresses he's worked with.

11. [+115, -3] I really think Sulli should get tested for drugs, I can't help but be suspicious

12. [+109, -0] She's not even a lead, why would a supporting role have to change her outfit three times to arrive later than the lead roles... imagine if this was Pann, she'd be targeted hard



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