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Saturday, June 10, 2017

SJ Label looks to hear Super Junior fans out with a discussion conference

Article: "Discuss the direction of the team" Super Junior to hold a discussion conference with fans?

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,605, -21] Kick Kangin out too

2. [+1,568, -38] No need for a conference, just put out an article saying that Kangin and Sungmin have been kicked out

3. [+1,532, -33] Everything will be okay if the two would just voluntarily leave

4. [+858, -28] This isn't even as big of a deal as it sounds like. It's just a few staff having a meeting with fans to hear their opinions on matters. #Sungminout

5. [+671, -28] Wow, shows how scary fandoms can be

6. [+285, -1] Get rid of the bombs in the group or keep the bombs and have everyone die with them~ it's one or the other~

7. [+281, -0] Kangin really doesn't deserve to say anything even if he gets kicked out..

8. [+278, -5] If they had any shame, they would've left on their own already. Leave instead of affecting the other members like this.

9. [+259, -0] They don't get it. All they need to do is read the comments to hear what fans think about all of this. What conference is necessary? Are they just holding a conference to try and convince the fans?

10. [+254, -7] Just leave. Kangin staying is only going to harm Super Junior's image in the end. Lee Sungmin, you leave too you selfish ba$tard;;



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