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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

NCT127 makes comeback with 'Cherry Bomb'

Article: "Best performance ever" NCT127's Cherry Bomb explodes with potential

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+699, -34] When you listen to the song, you can only hear the three vocals and Mark..

2. [+669, -25] ... The performance is amazing and they're all great dancers who look good... but I can't hear the song... I can't even make out what they're singing.. I have no idea what this song is trying to express...

3. [+620, -30] The song is not public friendly at all, what a waste of the members' faces

4. [+471, -29] I can't make out the lyrics...

5. [+404, -18] Hmm... The rapping and the vocals sound good on their own but they don't mesh well together because of the song

6. [+223, -4] Stupid brave move to leave the public as dry as they're doing

7. [+213, -5] I don't think SM cares at all about making this group popular. The members have the visuals and the talent but the song is way too much of a niche release. I have no idea what the concept is supposed to be and no one's going to listen to the song twice unless you're a fan. What a waste of the members' potential.

8. [+198, -6] As a fan, I wanted them to come out with a song that the public can enjoy. I know that SM has a specific style they're trying to push on NCT but popularity is largely dependent on whether the public enjoys the song... SM needed to have stopped with the experimental stuff with 'Fire Truck'.

9. [+155, -1] Their debut track was the best

10. [+145, -3] A very confusing song ㅋㅋㅋ Hmm, Mark's' rapping was okay but there are so many members that it makes me wonder what the point of having some members barely sing 20 seconds in a 4 minute song is



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