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Thursday, June 1, 2017

GD spotted at the airport amidst TOP controversy

Article: [Exclusive] G-Dragon enters airport quietly amidst 'TOP' controversy

Source: Financial News via Nate

1. [+1,170, -67] Reopen investigations on him too

2. [+899, -35] According to a Yonhap News article, if TOP gets sentenced to anything longer than a year and six months, he has to be discharged and re-enlist

3. [+812, -58] He looks like a criminal in these pictures

4. [+65, -6] The basic character of these YG kids is trash... JYP is proving to be quite the model company

5. [+63, -2] E-Sens had to go to jail because he's not from a big agency while these YG kids can smoke and cause all the scandals they want because it'll get pushed under the rug.

6. [+51, -0] Jiyong-ah, when are you serving when you're 30 years old...

7. [+48, -2] 'Infinity Challenge' better not cast this ba$tard again, his trash of a character is being glamorized because of the show

8. [+44, -0] How much did YG butter up the police with that all of their drug scandals get shoved under the rug like this?

9. [+38, -1] GD's probably whining that people are bringing back his past scandals now

10. [+19, -3] We have a new government now, time to jail TOP and GD

11. [+19, -3] .......Don't bother with your comeback. How are you any different from TOP?


Article: YG's stocks take a nose dive under TOP's marijuana controversy

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+841, -15] Can we please get a drug test for all of YG''s celebrities? I'm pretty sure we're going to get results that exceed our imaginations...

2. [+685, -22] This is why they should've handled the cases properly when the scandals first happened. The police who believed GD when he said he just took a swig of what a fan gave him need to be investigated. He smoked it once but it came up in his drug test results a month later?? You really think that was just one puff?? And Park Bom's case itself was completely buried by the police. YG lobbied so hard in 2010-2011 to get listed, which they never would've succeeded at if all these scandals actually came to light.

3. [+559, -10] I remember there was an article five years ago connecting YG's drug scandals to prosecutors letting them go and Yang Hyun Suk threw a fit saying he was going to sue so everything went hush hush again. If investigations were launched when YG was trying to get listed, so much of a bigger scandal would've resulted ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+37, -0] Psy (pre-YG), Park Bom, G-Dragon, TOP, stylist Yang Seung Ho... how many times already?

5. [+31, -0] If I was rich enough to buy two houses and use one house to solely display my collection of art, I would never even need anything like marijuana to feel like I was walking on clouds...

6. [+31, -6] Stocks nose dive from the TOP to rock bottom

7. [+30, -1] You know what's more shocking? YG's building is certified under Choi Soon Shil's name

8. [+30, -1] Why is the focus being on the marijuana use? Not only did he smoke marijuana but he had sex under the influence of it too



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