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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

G-Dragon responds to album controversy

Article: GD responds to album controversy "The outside appearance isn't important"

Source: News 1 via Naver

1. [+1,207, -102] I think a USB is more useful. A CD is only a collectible and laptops don't even come with CD drives anymore

2. [+1,040, -121] If you're ahead of your times, you're bound to be dragged down by conservatives. Who knows if the future of CDs is USB types?

3. [+653, -62] There are enough problems with the album sales charts already... what does the appearance of it matter? If people love and enjoy his music, that's all that matters

4. [+572, -61] There was similar talk when the transition was made with tapes, LPs, and CDs~ especially when we were transitioning from LPs to CDs~ I think the future will be transitioning into download type files. People question what makes it any different from buying it off of a digital site but the quality of the files are different~~ ^^

5. [+533, -64] I think GD will be the start of CDs disappearing and more and more artists releasing USBs. It's more useful, anyway. Goodbye CD player~

6. [+103, -14] It's not the outer appearance that's important, it's the fact that there's a link inside the USB instead of actual music files

7. [+126, -22] I don't think he utilized the USB properly. Why would he link it to a music site if he was going to release it as a USB at all?

8. [+157, -34] Even when people buy CDs, they still listen to their music digitally so yeah, the actual shape of the album doesn't matter. The point is, however, that fans buy CDs as a keepsake, to make it their own for as long as they want. If he was going to release it as a USB, he should've put actual music files in them.

9. [+61, -5] It'd be okay to classify the USB as an album if it had actual music files in them but it feels wrong to classify it as an album when there's just a download link in it

10. [+58, -3] A USB containing just a link is nothing but a USB, not an actual album. If he wants his USB to be recognized as an album, he needs to put actual music files in there.

11. [+52, -2] This is only a problem because his USB doesn't have music files in them...

12. [+52, -2] Whoever came up with the idea to put a download link instead of actual music files in the USB needs to be fired

13. [+64, -8] I'm taking the KMCIA's side on this. I'd agree that the USB is an album if it had music files but a link is not an album.

14. [+84, -18] So if you stick his USB in your car, does music play? No. So does that make it an album? Nope.

15. [+37, -3] Whose idea was this???? Hyun Suk?????



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