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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Suzy criticized for poor MCing at Baeksang Arts Awards

Article: Suzy 'as beautiful as light'

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+839, -383] Wow... she looks pretty even dressed like this

2. [+657, -367] She really is super pretty

3. [+234, -36] Can they stop giving her MC positions... She has no communication with Park Joong Hoon. Just stands there like a robot, stumbling over her words... None of what she says has any soul in it. She's an actress, how can she not have any emotion behind her words. No wonder her delivery in her dramas is so bad. I wish her skills would advance like her beauty is... Please become a star worth your name.

4. [+127, -62] She looks average ever since she cut her hair

5. [+106, -27] Are all of you blind, I'm not really feeling this look

6. [+90, -8] She stumbled from start to finish of the awards ceremony. Park Joong Hoon had to work so hard to make up for her. Just don't open your mouth at all!!

7. [+83, -24] Suzy really was all about the hair style.. she looks like an ajumma

8. [+78, -6] What exactly is Suzy good at though. Average face, can't act, sing, or dance, but of course she owns real estate off of media play tsk tsk. All the best replies are written by her staff too...

9. [+77, -9] Can't ignore the impact hair style and outfits have on a celebrity's overall look

10. [+76, -17] Who dressed her in dad's suit

11. [+73, -17] So many damn staff in the comments ㅋㅋ what looks pretty about this

12. [+71, -14] Let's not MC again

13. [+66, -10] The amount of staff writing comments.. I'm Suzy's fan and think she's pretty in a girl next door way but you have to admit she doesn't look as good ever since she cut her hair. It's not even a stylish bob cut, it looks tacky.

14. [+62, -5] She's so bad at MCing ㅜㅜ

15. [+59, -4] Enough with letting her get away with no effort MCing



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