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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Lee Sung Kyung's attitude issue towards Jo Hye Jung gets criticized

Article: War of the nerves between these two actresses? Lee Sung Kyung and Jo Hye Jung's SNS live controversy

Source: Sports Donga via Nate

Both were at the same commentary recording for their drama. Jo Hye Jung started her SNS live first and then Lee Sung Kyung started hers shortly after, which led to Lee Sung Kyung being criticized as to whether it was necessary to start hers at all.


1. [+1,770, -73] I saw this controversy brewing on another site, looks like it finally hit the media. I saw the two videos and Lee Sung Kyung seems like the type who has to be at the center of attention in any group while Jo Hye Jung's the type who fakes her aegyo and babyish demeanor (not the natural type like Park Bo Young or Jung Yoomi). Jo Hye Jung's the type that fellow women either love or hate. Lee Sung Kyung obviously didn't like that Jo Hye Jung was getting all the attention through her SNS live so she turned hers on. When viewers started telling Jo Hye Jung to just turn hers off or to keep it on and stand her ground, Lee Sung Kyung was obviously taking a jab at her when she said "Why do you look so down~"... I know men might think this drama is so unnecessary but stuff like this happens between girls. Judging by the videos alone, Jo Hye Jung is put in an awkward situation by what Lee Sung Kyung did.

2. [+772, -144] Both are whatever for me ㅋㅋ

3. [+724, -66] Not like we'll ever know what they were thinking on the inside

4. [+332, -7] Lee Sung Kyung's not the type to have a long running career anyway. Her visuals whatever, acting's whatever, and her singing's whatever for all the bragging she seems to do about it. Her personality is the type that will ruin itself on her own in due time.

5. [+287, -6] It doesn't matter who's at fault, Jo Hye Jung started hers first so why would Lee Sung Kyung start hers at the same time at the same place? You really think she meant no ill harm?

6. [+266, -4] Lee Sung Kyung screwed up on this one. Jo Hye Jung's already doing her live, what's the point of starting her own? To prove that she's more popular? So inconsiderate;

7. [+264, -5] Lee Sung Kyung's the type who can't stand others getting more attention than her

8. [+200, -5] Lee Sung Kyung got caught acting like a fox, that's all ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+165, -4] I really hate types like Lee Sung Kyung. Why would you go copy something someone else is already doing;; is she going to die if she doesn't get attention right then and there... Women like her are the ones who get ostracized by other women.

10. [+148, -5] Did you all not know that Lee Sung Kyung's the type who always has to be the center of attention? She only ever hung out with male models since her modeling days.



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