[Instiz] Boy group Ace earns attention for their short shorts on stage

Instiz: Male idols wear hot pants on today's Music Bank


"Hul provocative"

"Well this is new"

"Are they aiming for the foreign market? At least their shorts are longer than what female idols wear so it's not as off putting but it is fresh to see."
- Foreigners hate stuff like this more than we do. They consider even male adults wearing shorts above the knees to look like kids... anything this short will be considered gay.

"What in the world"


"I've seen male idols wear shorts but never this short... omona"

"Well it's not like they can't wear shorts just because they're men..."

"They wore this on 'Show Champion' too... It was fresh to see something like this since we normally never do, felt like a new challenge almost...?"

"I don't care that they're wearing shorts but it was a bit embarrassing to see because of how short they were"

"I think the outfits would've looked prettier if the length was a bit longer... why..."

"The shorts are emphasized by the fact that they have a dance move where they spread their legs"

"They have feminine bodies so I didn't really think any differently than if a girl group was wearing shorts... Not as shocking as I thought it'd be."