Crayon Pop opts not to disband, Soyul leaves group

Article: [Exclusive] Crayon Pop won't be disbanding... member Soyul to leave group

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+423, -20] Have't they been effectively disbanded since 'Bar Bar Bar'?

2. [+354, -25] Soyul left because of Moon Hee Jun

3. [+308, -20] Soyul was way too much of a nuisance to the group;;

4. [+242, -8] I honestly thought they had disbanded already...

5. [+87, -3] Still can't believe Moon Hee Jun... I remember when he said he felt that she had to do the dishes at full term but he still never did it for her

6. [+84, -8] The members are the victims if you think about it. They thought she had a panic disorder the whole time but still supported her and even went to her wedding only to find out she was pregnant the whole time. That betrayal.

7. [+42, -1] Nuisance couple

8. [+45, -3] Moon Hee Jun told a story on radio about how he came home one day and Soyul was wearing double pig tails and he asked her why and she said she's still a girl group member. Well now she's not a girl group or a celebrity or anything. Just a stay at home mom.