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Monday, April 24, 2017

Sam Okyere expresses frustration over recent blackface controversy

Article: Sam Okyere speaks up on comedy show blackface controversy "It breaks my heart and frustrates me"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+3,154, -125] I hope Hwang Hyun Hee-ssi is reflecting over this as well. If people claim to be offended by your joke, then it doesn't matter how much you argue that it was just a joke, it is still offending if the victim says so. This is nothing to defend yourself over, just admit to your mistake and apologize. The United Airlines scandal happened just recently. Let's all be careful of what we do and say.

2. [+2,733, -116] The majority of us felt uncomfortable and angered by it as well. Okyere, we're sorry.

3. [+2,343, -156] Hwang Hyun Hee better stay quiet

4. [+151, -5] For Sam Okyere, a black man himself, to call the gag 'frustrating', means that it doesn't matter what other races try to argue, it's offensive and that's that. You are not allowed to judge what is offensive or not offensive unless you are the target, just like how you are not allowed to deem albeist jokes not offensive without being the parent of a disabled child yourself or classist jokes not offensive without being the parent of poverty yourself. Sam Okyere took offense to it and that nullifies any argument that Hwang Hyun Hee-ssi could make in defense of her gag.

5. [+109, -2] I remember Sam Okyere said he didn't like it when people used the name 'heuk hyung' either. Just like then, if the person hearing it takes offense to it, just don't do it.

6. [+83, -2] We're lucky that Sam's nice enough to just end it at 'frustrating' because foreigners are extremely sensitive to racism and they react very harshly to issues like this. Sam's reaction is very mild compared to much hate is usually involved against racism.

7. [+54, -3] Dressing as black people in comedy is definitely wrong and Hwang Hyun Hee needs to reflect for that.

8. [+48, -6] Sam Okyere is a black man and he took offense to it. Game over, no?

9. [+45, -3] What is there to argue about? It was clearly a scene of racism. Anyone who doesn't recognize it as racism has something wrong with their brain.

10. [+34, -3] People need to visit a foreign country to understand the implications of racism. People need to feel what it feels like to be a minority race in a country that isn't your own to feel how horrifying and stressful racism is.



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