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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Park Shi Yeon takes a selca of goddesses with Miranda Kerr

Article: Park Shi Yeon x Miranda Kerr, goddess beauties no one can decide who looks better

Source: E News 24 via Daum

1. [+1,150, -118] Well in the picture alone, I find Park Shi Yeon prettier

2. [+780, -84] Park Shi Yeon looks pretty, fighting!!

3. [+548, -27] I actually had no problem at all deciding who's prettier

4. [+400, -47] Oooh~~ Park Shi Yeon stands her ground pretty hard against Miranda Kerr. She looks really good.

5. [+377, -45] Park Shi Yeon... looks so good even as she ages.

6. [+239, -29] They actually have similar features. If Park Shi Yeon was born as a westerner, I would've thought she was related to Miranda Kerr.

7. [+200, -30] They're both gorgeous goddesses, no point in dissecting who's prettier

8. [+231, -67] Well Miranda Kerr already wins in wealth and beauty. She's got chaebol-level wealth and her husband's a billionaire.

9. [+175, -35] Park Shi Yeon's prettier

10. [+103, -25] Westerners really do have tiny faces though

11. [+84, -26] I'm not being biased because I'm Korean but Park Shi Yeon really does look prettier!!!!

12. [+63, -13] At least Miranda Kerr is natural



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