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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Minzy reveals solo concept teasers

Article: Innocent x Sexy... Gong Minzy reveals first solo concept

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+1,910, -95] Ooh... I can't wait because I know she's so talented

2. [+1,806, -104] It makes me so upset to think that not only did YG throw her out but they left such a talented kid on the backburner for this long. I wish her the best starting now.

3. [+1,491, -68] Work hard... Her talent has been underrated all this time but I know that she can still do well because she's still young~

4. [+1,237, -56] I know she's talented so I'll be anticipating lots!!

5. [+65, -3] Her singing was great on 'Masked Best Singer', and obviously her dancing needs no further comment

6. [+58, -3] But for singers... it matters more their looks and song than their actual talent. Especially how good their song is ㅋㅋ even the more popular idol groups will rank low on the charts if their song isn't good (although they still get trophies off of fan power)

7. [+53, -3] All she needs is talent and she can soar back up again

8. [+83, -16] I'll never understand why YG never gave Minzy more support, tsk



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