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Thursday, April 27, 2017

'Goblin' wins 5 awards with the 'DramaFever Awards'

Article: 'Goblin' captivates even America... wins 5 crowns at the DramaFever Awards

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+3,469, -66] It's an Asian content site... every user on the site is Asian anyway, the article title is really misleading

2. [+2,518, -71] I wouldn't say that means the drama 'captivated America'

3. [+1,518, -40] So the awards took place in America but it's about Korean dramas?

4. [+699, -31] The article title makes it sound like it won an Emmy... ㅎㅎ

5. [+139, -10] Why is the entire list comprised of Korean dramas!????

6. [+169, -29] The site's basically a meeting ground for Hallyu fans

7. [+109, -17] Is the ceremony Korean-run?

8. [+96, -7] It's an Asian site

9. [+100, -19] I almost got fooled thinking it was actually America

10. [+46, -7] I live in America and the average person here doesn't know about the drama

11. [+51, -11] You mean captivated the Asians who are living in America

12. [+67, -17] DramaFever is actually a huge Asian drama streaming site. Of course the article is exaggerating their influence a bit but there's no reason to knock em down for it either. Congratulations to the 'Goblin' team.

13. [+32, -6] It's not bad but the Asian drama market is still a niche market in North America. Of course the majority of the audience is still Asian Americans but I think more Americans are starting to watch as well. People can only live life in so many different ways that even American girls can find something to relate to with Korean dramas.

14. [+56, -15] DramaFever is basically a site that sells Asian content. It has been dominated by Korean dramas like 'Goblin'. Barely anyone watches Japanese, Taiwanese, or Chinese dramas anymore... and it's not just Asian Americans watching but white people too. That's fact.



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