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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Eli's wife opens up about the struggles she faced being pregnant with an idol's baby

Article: Eli's wife sobs in revealing, "I had to keep my pregnancy a secret, checked that the baby was alive through pregnancy tests" 

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

"I had to keep our marriage and my pregnancy a secret in case it negatively affected my husband who's an idol. Nobody had to know. I couldn't go to the obgyn so I couldn't get an ultrasound and had to self-diagnose myself and the baby's wellbeing through pregnancy tests. I was in such poor health at the time that there were a lot of dangerous moments. I was so scared that something was going to happen to the baby. I guess my husband realized how I was feeling because he then revealed our marriage and pregnancy on SNS while I was sleeping."


1. [+811, -42] But why wouldn't she be able to go to an obgyn just because her husband's an idol? She herself is not an idol... She looked sad while revealing all of this but I honestly didn't understand why she had to handle it like that. It just seemed like she wanted sympathy. She's not an idol or a celebrity, she could've gone to the hospital herself, there was no reason for her not to be able to.

2. [+493, -22] Why even get pregnant so immaturely like that without even getting married? It's hard even for non-celebrities to handle situations like that..

3. [+427, -19] Regardless, you chose this life so you have to handle it...

4. [+85, -2] It's not like she's a celebrity, she could've just gone to the hospital alone and gotten a check up... she made a mountain out of a mole hill

5. [+75, -3] Every time she's on TV, she tries to get sympathy... First she talked about having to sell all her luxury bags to buy Eli a car... but in the end, all of this was her own choice. No one threatened her to sell those things or get pregnant.

6. [+67, -1] She talks like she was pregnant with the baby of some world star ㅋㅋ

7. [+66, -1] You can go to the obgyn alone.... what is she talking about... and you're usually required to visit once a month and then once a week in your last month

8. [+58, -1] She seems like she has no direction or planning in life in general. Last time they said that they registered their marriage without even getting permission from their parents. She's way older than Eli, I recommend that she starts planning her life out more maturely.

9. [+49, -1] She herself said their marriage was a secret so why couldn't she go to the hospital?

10. [+41, -1] I don't get why it's always the people who cause accidents who cry and act like the victims... You're the ones who decided not to use contraception, what do you want us to do about it...

11. [+36, -0] Pretty sure no one knows who U-KISS is other than Dongho anyway and Dongho was only ever known for his horrible acting too. I thought the group was already disbanded until someone told me a member was getting married.

12. [+32, -0] Pretty sure no one knows who your husband is even today ㅋㅋㅋㅋ



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