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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dara reveals she feels intimidated by the comments on her acting

Article: Sandara Park, "Intimidated by the criticisms about my bad acting, I want to persuade the public otherwise"

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+3,078, -42] The only way to persuade the public is by acting well

2. [+2,925, -55] The problem is that she looks awkward even in variety shows

3. [+2,659, -138] Can't sing, dance, or act. The only celebrity thing about her is her looks.

4. [+1,862, -45] Please don't practice your acting in actual movies and dramas

5. [+1,564, -68] It's not just your acting that's bad, you just can't pronounce Korean words in general..

6. [+483, -13] Why is she talking like her voice is the only thing to blame for her bad acting? It's not only her voice but her tonality and pronunciation that are completely off. Stop practicing in actual works and go rehearse before taking these roles up.

7. [+532, -34] YG is always pushing Sandara while they never gave any support for Minzy which is why I was so surprised when I saw her on "Unni's" and realized how talented she is. As for Sandara... no matter how much YG supports her, the only thing I get from her is that she's a nice person because the rest of her skills are so abysmal...

8. [+394, -11] Persuade the public... You'll get compliments without having to persuade anyone if you improve your acting. Work on your acting skills, not your persuasion skills.

9. [+370, -9] It's so weird how she's so awkward on variety shows. She always talks like she's reading out of a book.

10. [+355, -11] Her voice is her main issue... Every time she spoke up on 'Sugarman', she dropped the mood of the show... She really needs to work on that.



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