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Saturday, April 8, 2017

BTS is the #1 boy group brand for the fifth month in a row

Article: BTS is the #1 boy group brand for the fifth month in a row

Source: 10asia via Naver

1. [+2,149, -386] BTS is recognized all over the world now, and I hope they continue to improve

2. [+1,727, -306] Proves that they're the trend

3. [+1,932, -379] I'm past the age where I'm interested in idols but after watching several year-end ceremonies, BTS was the male idol group that caught my attention

4. [+1,363, -203] One of the main success points that American media outlets point out about BTS is that they don't limit themselves to the Korean music market (and continue to grow in bigger markets like America), they produce their own music and performances, and communicate actively with their fans.

5. [+1,410, -286] Respect for BTS

6. [+360, -47] They're great dancers, I'll give them that. A lot of men watch BTS music videos.

7. [+357, -46] K-Pop always felt like a niche genre in the international market but I think BTS is opening a new road for K-Pop. You can tell by their YouTube comments and how often they get interviews with other countries or end up on their news. I support them and hope they bring good things for our country's name.

8. [+361, -50] They have good songs...



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