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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Umji's secret to looking prettier was that she got 3 cm taller and lost 5 kg weight

Article: Girlfriend's Umji, there's a reason she looks prettier... 3 cm taller, 5 kg lost

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+1,209, -541] Let me just tell you the facts. Her current state is the best possible she'll ever look with her hair dyed, face painted by a professional make up artist, and dressed by a professional stylist... and if she still only looks like this, then looks definitely aren't something she's strong for; The rest of us lack the funds or the time to doll up like this but you could seriously pull anyone off the streets and invest this much into them and come out with better results.

2. [+858, -57] She graduated high school and still grew 3 cm? Thumbs up for her

3. [+722, -188] She doesn't have an idol face, she's not a good singer, she doesn't have variety skills, what was she picked for...

4. [+55, -6] Let me shock you with this one fact: she was cast on the streets

5. [+54, -27] She used to be known as the busted face before... now she's known as the 'less' busted face.. nothing more, nothing less.

6. [+35, -6] If this is her looking 'prettier', then how much uglier was she back then

7. [+33, -6] I'm honestly the type that believes if you don't have the looks, you should actually have the talents... but she has neither, which means she's a golden spoon idol, and that's so off putting. She's no different from all the celebrity offspring who are trying to get fame with no talent of their own.

8. [+32, -3] Well if we're talking pure facts here, none of the Girlfriend members are pretty. They're a reflection of reality. Go look at your own girlfriend's faces, especially without make up. The group is a play on relatability. They're a realistic representation of the girlfriends of the men in Korea.

9. [+32, -19] Personal preference but I think she's prettier than Hyoyeon

10. [+31, -5] She did get a lot prettier with the weight loss though

11. [+29, -15] She's not like super pretty or anything but I do notice her the most in the group

12. [+24, -2] Let me tell you from the eyes of a man... she is not a pretty face. To put it nicely, she looks like a cute dongsaeng, but she's not pretty.

13. [+23, -2] I'm telling you guys, there is not one pretty member in this group

14. [+21, -1] Her piggy features don't seem to go away no matter how much weight she loses

15. [+21, -2] In this situation, it'd be better to say she looks better, not prettier. F*ck, how could you think of using the word pretty with that face?



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