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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Um Tae Woong's wife updates with a mother daughter selca with Jion

Article: "Speedy growth Jion" Yoon Hye Jin and Jion's mother daughter kissy shot

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1,027, -162] The addiction to SNS is greater than the pain of your husband soliciting prostitution

2. [+949, -121] So addicted to SNS that she can't quit

3. [+717, -112] Enough!

4. [+81, -4] If I were Jion's parents, I would change her name and never expose her to the media ever again..

5. [+76, -8] Wife's addicted to SNS, husband's addicted to sex

6. [+66, -13] I guess SNS is like a drug that just can't be stopped... What is she trying to show off? That her husband bought prostitution but she's still happy with her kid or what?

7. [+55, -22] Why is her keeping her SNS updated a crime? The crime was committed by her husband, why should she have to live her life hiding because of it? People just can't stand to see anyone happy

8. [+52, -18] I don't get why she's getting hate though??? Not like she has to be reflecting right now, she's the victim and she's fully allowed to post pictures on her own SNS;; Maybe she does want to let everyone know that she's fine ㅡㅡ it's a bit much to accuse her of being addicted to SNS just over that

9. [+51, -6] But if you really love your kid, you shouldn't be acting like this. The entire world knows that her father was caught at a prostitution parlor and she's still parading her kid around like this... SNS addiction is scary...

10. [+29, -4] But honestly, what does this kid gain from being exposed to the media like this?????

11. [+28, -1] Um Tae Woong committed the crime but there's no reason for these two to have to live in hiding... However, I have to wonder if they have the best interest for their daughter at heart.

12. [+27, -6] I feel like I'd set my SNS to private if my husband was caught with something like that ㅋㅋ but you have to wonder the two must be the same people on the inside to still be together after all that



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