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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sulli celebrates her birthday with cake

Article: "I'll live happily" Sulli snaps a photo of her birthday cake

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+440, -15] I don't think she became weird because of Choiza, she was always weird and Choiza ran away from that...

2. [+302, -17] Hmm... it seemed like she was back to normal... maybe Choiza wasn't the problem...

3. [+240, -10] Can she not pose normally for pictures? She always acts like she's messed up in the head... I don't get it..

4. [+224, -15] I wonder where she makes her money from? Doesn't seem like she works either...

5. [+150, -9] She's weird even from a third perspective like ours, imagine how much weirder Choiza must've felt

6. [+117, -11] She seemed so normal for a while but she's back to her weird ways again

7. [+121, -21] She kind of looks like Clara now that I look at her

8. [+96, -7] But is doing nothing, eating, and acting however you want really "living the life" though?

9. [+64, -4] Seemed like she was getting better but she looks so out of it in that first picture. Is she on drugs or just crazy? I've seen eyes like that before and it was in a hospital... I wish people would stop being hush hush about her and help her get the treatment she needs.

10. [+54, -3] And she's back at it again



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