Kang Dong Won slammed for pro-Japanese ancestry + YG apologizes for attempting to block scandal from media

Article: The facts behind Kang Dong Won being the grandson of a pro-Japanese 

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+4,569, -130] He really has nothing to say for getting hate as the grandson of a pro-Japanese figure ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+4,453, -164] Kang Dong Won as a man is really handsome and cool.. but now that I know he's the grandson of a pro-Japanese, his image has changed... well there goes his image...

3. [+564, -7] So basically Kang Dong Won's great grandfather was a prominent pro-Japanese to the bone and Dispatch is saying that guilt-by-association is wrong while also pointing out that Kang Dong Won did try to 'erase' that part of his ancestry by deleting any posts mentioning it, which is wrong to do.

4. [+470, -8] All of the posts being made about this right now are being deleted by Kang Dong Won's own personal request... Why is he denying that he's the descendant of a pro-Japanese?

5. [+458, -6] So the whole reason Kang Dong Won is well off right now is because his family sided with the Japanese during the water...

6. [+394, -6] All families of pro-Japanese ancestry need to return their wealth back to the nation

7. [+387, -5] Fact remains that he's of pro-Japanese descent

8. [+359, -2] Well this is a blow to his career...


Source: Naver

1. [+19,643, -238] I find Kang Dong Won's handling of the matter disappointing as well. There are still so many descendants of pro-Japanese figures living in wealth in this country. Korea as a country will never be able to advance unless we get rid of every vestige of Japanese imperialism.

2. [+18,009, -258] Hul I never expected Dispatch to be smart enough to catch any of this

3. [+14,491, -592] Disappointed in Kang Dong Won... ㅠㅠ

4. [+10,154, -205] I wonder if this article will be allowed on the main page though

5. [+4,640, -37] Even calling them 'pro-Japanese' is too light, traitor is more of a fitting term

6. [+4,224, -75] YG has been blocking every article and blog post about this, meanwhile Dispatch has the guts to just put out a full feature on it... Tsk tsk, the rest of you media outlets are so easily controlled

7. [+3,823, -34] I'm disgusted by people trying to justify the pro-Japanese by saying anyone in their situation would've done that too. That's what traitors say to make themselves feel better.

8. [+4,659, -65] Kang Dong Won needs to put out a statement. I know guilt-by-association is wrong but this is nothing for him to be staying quiet about... I know YG is pro when it comes to blocking scandals but Yang CEO needs to step back


Article: Kang Dong Won's requests to delete all articles about his pro-Japanese ancestry under fire on SNS

Source: E-Today via Nate

1. [+2,528, -78] It's hilarious to me that some people are trying to defend Kang Dong Won saying he himself has never actually worked with pro-Japanese figures but descendants of these pro-Japanese figures are living lavish lifestyles that so many people condemn so why does Kang Dong Won get to get away with it simply for being Kang Dong Won?

2. [+2,354, -55] Stop trying to manipulate the media and just admit what's true

3. [+2,267, -50] I used to think of him as a good actor who lacked nothing, now his actions leave me with disappointment... His great grandfather did nothing right, why is it so hard for him to just confirm and admit that what his great grandfather did wasn't right? Disappointing

4. [+178, -6] His great grandfather wasn't just a pro-Japanese but one of the tier one, absolute worst, especially when it came to comfort women ㅡㅡ Never liked Kang Dong Won that much but now I fully hate him

5. [+168, -2] His great grandfather was tier one out of all the pro-Japanese. He was responsible for the creation of comfort women and turning Korean girls over to the Japanese as sex slaves. The wealth that Kang Dong Won's family is enjoying now is the result of taking control of the mineral rights in North Korea. Kang Dong Won has always been proud of his great grandfather when speaking of him.

6. [+158, -0] In 2005, Kang Dong Won's family tried to remove his great grandfather's name from the pro-Japanese registry. You can already tell what kind of people his family are...

7. [+142, -3] How is it that YG always manages to sign on the most scandalous of people

8. [+137, -2] Saying that Kang Dong Won is innocent because it was his ancestors who did the crime is like saying Japan is innocent right now because their ancestors committed all the crimes


Article: YG, "We deeply apologize over deleting all of the posts about Kang Dong Won's great grandfather"

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+20,387, -1,150] No thanks, will be skipping all works by this pro-Japanese descendant ^^

2. [+17,072, -770] Already too disappointed

3. [+13,746, -564] The apology comes only now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+12,806, -587] Already disappointed

5. [+7,792, -215] Whatever the case, this isn't anything to be brushing under the rug. People may argue that descendants are innocent but considering the wealth they've been living under as a result of their ancestor's betrayal while actual independence fighters have been living in poverty is unacceptable.

6. [+7,249, -163] What people are hating on is not Kang Dong Won for simply being the descendant of a pro-Japanese but for always speaking of a pro-Japanese ancestor with words of respect. Kang Dong Won is over.

7. [+6,452, -115] His great grand father was a level A pro-Japanese! He should be utterly embarrassed but instead he put out interviews talking about him like he was so proud. The public is mad because this is how descendants of those people actually think ㅡㅡ

8. [+6,372, -130] 'I don't know what I did wrong but I'm sorry' -> How can this be an apology?


Source: Nate

1. [+1,865, -33] Dong Won-ah... You need to cleanse the crimes of your ancestor by supporting the charities of independence fighters and their own descendants...

2. [+1,785, -33] Descendants of the pro-Japanese are pretty much diamond spoons in wealth today. If you notice families who have a ton of land or wealth that has been passed down, that wealth can usually be traced back to an ancestor who was pro-Japanese.

3. [+1,486, -40] I like how the apology doesn't actually explain what's so "different from the truth"

4. [+131, -3] The reason celebrities sign with YG is because they shield everything for you ㅋㅋ

5. [+125, -1] So stupid... just admit you're a descendant, apologize for it, and do good charitable things to make up for it. That would've gotten him so much less hate. He's 36 years old, how can he lack so much judgment..

6. [+124, -3] I will now be supporting actor Kim Ji Suk oppa who is the descendant of an independence fighter~~

7. [+107, -5] His image is already shattered, farewell

8. [+101, -4] The main problem in this whole scandal is that his great grandfather was responsible for the creation of Korean comfort women and Kang Dong Won said in an interview that he was proud of his ancestry... If any comfort women currently living today had read that, they'd be sobbing...