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Monday, March 20, 2017

Kahi gets back her '11 abs' just five months after giving birth

Article: "Got back her 11 abs" Kahi's perfect body just 5 months after giving birth

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+935, -166] It's possible if you have someone helping you with the child rearing. Basically, your husband has to be rich. It's impossible to get a body like this while watching a newborn full time on your own.

2. [+931, -53] I don't like her but I do commend her for working out and achieving a body like this after giving birth

3. [+65, -7] Kahi's a celebrity who makes money off of her body. Please don't compare yourself or your wife to her and put yourself down or feel bad... but damn, abs like that just five months after giving birth ㅎㅎ pretty amazing

4. [+60, -0] Quick reminder that this is her job

5. [+58, -5] She has time to work out when her baby's sleeping? I barely had time to feed myself, clean the house, do the dishes, and get dinner on the table ㅠㅠ barely any time to shower if my husband's home late because I keep thinking that the baby's crying while in the bathroom!

6. [+28, -3] Anyone who's given birth will know that it's really hard to get the stomach back to the elasticity it was before birth. She's amazing.

7. [+26, -7] It's possible because she has the money to have someone watch her baby while she works out. Jealous~~~

8. [+23, -4] Raising a baby is basically a fight against your own stamina. You still have to do chores, you can't sleep, your hair's falling out, you have to breast feed every two hours... If you want a body like Kahi or Park Soo Jin's right after birth, you have to be rich enough to afford extra help.

9. [+15, -2] Wow... really amazing. Even if she has help, reaching this point is still so amazing. I applaud her determination!!

10. [+14, -1] I find that people who normally work out recover from birth a lot faster. My cousin did pilates for 10 years and didn't do much after birth and was back to her normal body a few months later. Which is why I began working out too.

11. [+13, -5] I wonder if she's just born with it... I ached all over for months after birth and couldn't even dream of working out. Plus all your free time is spent breast feeding or putting meals on the table. She must have a lot of stamina.

12. [+13, -2] She probably had someone watching her kid at home while she was at the gym~~ jealous ^^



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