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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Im Chang Jung apologizes for picture of his pregnant wife driving

Article: Im Chang Jung, "My pregnant wife rode with me for my safety... I'm sorry for causing a misunderstanding"

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+23,226, -1,022] People will really cause problems over the littlest things ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+17,589, -868] Witch hunting is the problem. He already told his wife that he was going to be out drinking and she herself was worried for him so she came out to give him a ride, what's wrong with that??? Pregnant women can't drive??

3. [+15,093, -803] Attacking him over nothing...

4. [+13,536, -1,775] Are pregnant women not allowed to drive? Feminazis are hopeless

5. [+2,000, -249] I drove myself to the hospital when I was about to give birth, it's not a big deal to be causing this mess over

6. [+1,768, -176] I drove to work a week leading up to giving birth.. ㅡㅡ being pregnant doesn't mean you're disabled, what's the issue?

7. [+1,650, -159] I don't get why this is a problem and why he's apologizing for it... knock it off, people

8. [+1,675, -210] So a pregnant wife can't drive her husband home after he's had some drinks?


Source: Nate

1. [+1,948, -270] Women who are at full term should be super careful, why does he think making his wife drive him because he's drunk is anything to brag about ㅡㅡ how does he have 3 kids already and he's still so clueless;;

2. [+1,834, -220] I don't know anyone who would make their pregnant wife drive for them. Even his hashtags were so immature...

3. [+1,692, -159] He obviously wanted to show off on SNS that his wife is so young and pretty and even comes out to drive for him when he gets drinks but it only showed that he has absolutely no maturity at all for his age and even makes his wife look just as pathetic for choosing to marry someone as immature as him

4. [+172, -12] He's pathetic... His new wife is 18 years younger than him, he got her pregnant before marriage, and now that she's at full term she should be taking care of herself but instead she's driving her drunk husband around, which he somehow thinks is something to brag about... does he have a brain?

5. [+158, -11] I always thought it was weird how he never seemed bothered by all the hate he was getting for having 3 kids already and then getting married to a woman young enough to be his niece after getting her pregnant.. he just doesn't have a brain at all

6. [+124, -13] I don't see them lasting long... she'll probably regret this marriage

7. [+112, -9] All for that money... She's so young and chose to marry a divorced man with 3 kids and get pregnant before marriage. She's at a point in her pregnancy where she should be taken care of but instead she's driving her husband around...

8. [+94, -5] After seeing him marry her, nothing about him surprises me anymore ㅋㅋㅋ



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