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Thursday, March 30, 2017

D-1 to Suzy's contract expiration... renewal still in discussion

Article: Suzy's contract with JYP expires tomorrow... "We are discussing her renewal"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+11,172, -212] JYP has to hold her back, right..?

2. [+8,073, -149] If she wants to release more music albums, she'll stay, otherwise she'll probably transfer if she wants to focus on her acting career

3. [+4,420, -152] Can only hope they make the best decision for themselves

4. [+4,158, -243] I'm sure Suzy will pick what she feels is best ㅎㅎ I support her wherever she goes

5. [+1,018, -58] If there's only a day left in her contract and they still haven't been able to settle on a renewal, it's pretty much over for JYP, no? I think she's going to move to an agency with more actors

6. [+841, -52] I've noticed artists rarely renew with JYP... they remain close friends but end up leaving

7. [+692, -37] There's only a day left to renew, it seems like Suzy has decided on leaving

8. [+552, -26] If Suzy wanted to renew, she would've done it months ago... especially since it affects her future schedules. The fact that she hasn't renewed a day before it ends means she's intent on moving.



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