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Friday, March 31, 2017

CCTV reveals Kim Hyun Joong's agency lied about what actually happened

Article: Kim Hyun Joong's agency 'lies'... CCTV footage obtained

Source: Channel A via Naver

His agency claimed that he got arrested while briefly moving his parked car but CCTV revealed that he was actually driving in the middle of Gangnam before stopping at a red light and then falling asleep at the wheel for 15 minutes while 23 cars passed him once the light turned green.


1. [+10,724, -55] Goodbye~

2. [+8,653, -71] ㅋㅋ He's hopeless, his agency is hopeless too!!

3. [+8,012, -53] I wonder how far rock bottom he'll hit. Stop getting into so many scandals. What kind of celebrity are you if you're always on the front page for scandals?

4. [+6,497, -51] Drunk driving is pretty much attempted murder

5. [+6,165, -56] Drunk driving is not just a car accident but attempted murder

6. [+1,202, -2] If he's drunk enough to the point where he can pass out at the wheel, what made him think it was okay to get behind the wheel? Just the thought of it is horrifying... Hallyu star my butt! Why does anyone care about helping him recover his career when he seems like trash through and through

7. [+963, -15] Everyone would've believed that lie if not for the CCTV too

8. [+819, -4] I'm actually glad he fell asleep... imagine if he kept driving and caused an accident...


Source: Nate

1. [+711, -6] Literally just fell asleep in the middle of the road... how about he stay asleep... for the rest of his career~~~~~~~~

2. [+646, -6] Drunk driving is attempted murder

3. [+610, -7] Rock bottom for him... I don't think we'll ever be seeing his face again. Farewell.

4. [+23, -0] What was he thinking? How can he drive when he's to the point of falling asleep??? Craziest I've ever seen

5. [+10, -1] Exile his agency at this point. KeyEast out!!



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