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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Anchorwoman Yoon Seo Young criticized for picture of riding in a shopping cart

Article: Immature adult... morning anchorwoman Yoon Seo Young under controversy for riding a shopping cart

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+3,515, -60] This is why addiction to SNS is so scary... you don't think anything through other than the need to take a picture and share it

2. [+3,062, -56] Both the person who wanted to ride the cart and the person who took the picture of it are idiots... tsk tsk

3. [+2,753, -70] That's what happens when you age backwards through your a$$

4. [+251, -6] How does anyone come to the thought of riding a shopping cart? Did she take this picture thinking people in the comments would be like "you're so cute, you look like a baby". Talk about embarrassing.

5. [+251, -6] I love how SNS is so good at spotlighting the idiots

6. [+217, -6] Dumb attention wh*re

7. [+210, -6] I'd be too embarrassed to even think of getting on...

8. [+184, -7] As if getting in the cart wasn't bad enough, she even took a picture of it

9. [+173, -5] I remember there was a case in the past where a shopping cart rolled down that belt and hit someone at the bottom and they died on impact

10. [+159, -4] Everyone, you are witnessing one of SNS's hidden features: weeding out psychos

11. [+127, -4] She really didn't think it'd be controversial before uploading it?

12. [+120, -3] She's so dumb... marts don't even let little kids ride on it sometimes after that accident happened



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