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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wooshin and Somi continue MCing on 'The Show'

Article: 'The Show' Wooshin, Somi-ssi, take a listen to the music~

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+273, -55] This guy's dangerous... What SISTAR said was right, the only thing you need to be careful of in the celebrity industry is men... Why be like that to such a young girl who doesn't know anything? Not like her parents can be with her 24/7 either. Somi-ya, be careful... take care of yourself, especially moreso because you're a minor.

2. [+249, -20] Watch your hand, you'll ruin yourself ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+194, -16] Hey man, put that hand down...

4. [+22, -3] Somi's face looks hardened, you better not touch her or I'll break your wrist...

5. [+22, -2] Why does he keep touching her ㅡㅡ

6. [+21, -4] This guy is really not careful at all... You'd think if he was yelled at once over it, he'd watch himself already tsk tsk tsk

7. [+18, -3] Look at Somi, she's covering her chest the minute his hand goes up

8. [+18, -2] I saw the video and his hand touched her slightly the second time. I don't know why he kept putting his hand like that... Look at Somi now, she's in a defensive position. Sad because she's so young.

9. [+13, -3] People keep saying that the video was legally cleared but what people aren't arguing about is whether he touched her or not but that he should've been more careful as a man. People are criticizing the fact that his hand was near her chest twice when he should've watched his position better. The only official clarification to the issue was that it was a misunderstanding of the angles, which is why people are even more mad now.

10. [+11, -1] Somi's looking like she's on the defensive here?

11. [+9, -2] Somi's defensive position

12. [+8, -20] Somi's fans are a bit out of control...



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