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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Son Naeun shows off her perfect figure for diet CF

Article: 'Complete management of body' Son Naeun's perfect body incites jealousy

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+346, -32] Seriously, her body is one thing haters can't put down.. I remember she wore Adidas leggings in a dance practice video and the leggings were sold out right away

2. [+302, -27] She has a great body

3. [+256, -38] She has a babyish face but her body's the type that men really like

4. [+25, -12] She's a really bad singer though..;;;;

5. [+24, -14] She's pretty but lacks the charm to captiate you

6. [+20, -6] I prefer slender bodies like Son Naeun than glamorous ones like Jun Hyosung

7. [+19, -6] Her body's the type that you're just born with..

8. [+16, -7] Son Naeun's backside in tracksuits is legendary!

9. [+14, -11] She has great legs... but her face is so average. She looks like a goldfish on dramas.. it just lacks that something.

10. [+11, -3] Such a pretty body



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