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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

SM wraps up their ambitious 'SM Station' project + their year in numbers

Article: A year of SM's station as seen through numbers

Source: Star News via Naver

* Total of 85 different teams... Luna with the most participation
* Total of 52 songs released... several like SNSD's 'That Summer', f(x)'s 'All Mine', Yoo Jae Suk x EXO's 'Dancing King' topped #1 on digital charts


1. [+4,020, -216] The whole point of SM station was not to top charts but to show the different music genres that SM is capable of. EDM, ballad, R&B, jazz, even trot... I think that's enough of a significance

2. [+2,740, -151] SM station was never a project meant to top charts and make money ㅋㅋ it was to show that SM can do other things besides public friendly songs. It was to broaden their music spectrum.

3. [+1,707, -286] Sure other than a few songs, most of SM station's songs would be considered flops but you can't determine that just by whether it won #1 on the charts or not. I'm totally for agencies broadening their spectrum like this.

4. [+409, -48] An ambitious project that was only possible because it's under SM

5. [+352, -29] I think SM is deserving of applause for even attempting it. Digital rank isn't all there is to a song. I really like this project and totally praise all of the artists who participated in it!!!!

6. [+297, -40] I was worried about how it'd work out at first but I think it was a great attempt by them and I enjoyed seeing the SM singers in different collabs and solo releases.

7. [+265, -34] Short term, this project obviously won't turn a profit for the company but I know that they'll be seeing the positive effects of it in about 5-10 years

8. [+187, -16] Station had a lot of good songs at first but the promotion felt lacking as they released more and more later on. I personally thought a lot of great songs went unnoticed as a result but I do believe that people will recognize them sooner or later. I'm sad that 'Curtain' is the last of the project. It's probably hard to do it again this year but I hope SM considers bringing it back next year. Once a week is too much so maybe once every 2-3 weeks ㅠㅠ

9. [+196, -21] There were a lot more great songs than I expected

10. [+89, -9] The only idol company that attempts to experiment with music is really SM

11. [+58, -0] Well now that station is over, I bet SM will have some breathing room... so please give us news about SNSD and f(x)'s comebacks ㅠ and thank you for the fan song that SNSD released in the summer

12. [+58, -9] I'm surprised SM kept up with it considering it's not profitable for them

13. [+47, -7] I wish they'd collect all the songs every quarter and release them as albums



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