Nada's CEO reveals Wassup is still 500 million won in debt

Article: [Exclusive] Nada's agency CEO, "Wassup is 500 million won in debt, we are still looking for compromise"

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+554, -20] Isn't the course of action to pay back your debt before you start getting paid? Why is she asking to get paid when her debt isn't even paid off;;;

2. [+505, -17] Well the agency isn't wrong either

3. [+368, -8] This is why it's important to listen to both sides...!!!

4. [+342, -10] Just hearing '500 million won debt' makes me feel like throwing up

5. [+273, -13] They've done all they can

6. [+127, -7] Where does Nada think the money to feed them, train them, house them, debut them, produce their music videos and clothes and managers from debut till now came from? Just dug it out of the ground? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+120, -5] Kids who dream of becoming idols expect to become like Twice or Girlfriend but reality for over 90% of them is this... I really hope people are realistic about the industry and not let themselves be blinded by the fame

8. [+100, -4] The right course of action is to pay back your debt first before you get paid. All of the expenses that went into their training, debut, each comeback, etc... This is why most idols who don't make it end up sitting on a mountain of debt.

9. [+95, -4] The agency isn't wrong though... We don't know the exact numbers behind their debut but Nada only had a moment of popularity after 'Unpretty' and I don't really see how she could've made the money she thinks she deserves with how little she promoted. She barely had any CFs either..

10. [+88, -5] Quite thoughtless of the group... You shouldn't expect to be paid until you get popular and start finding work. The money Nada's made alone probably isn't enough to pay back the 500 million won debt, so where do they expect the agency to come up with the money to pay them with?