Hwayoung addresses haters following T-ara scandal

Article: "Mud slinging fight?" Ryu Hwayoung publicly disses haters

Source: OSEN via Nate

"(To all the haters) It seems like what you want is some pathetic official statement saying it's your fault~ or my fault~ but all of this started from us being young and inexperienced in communicating our feelings five years ago. It seems like you haters won't be satisfied until we grab each other's hairs out in a mud slinging fight. The ones that need to watch out are yourselves."


1. [+735, -83] What is she saying? The sisters are the ones that dragged out the scandal in the first place by talking about it on 'Taxi' and now she's trying to act like she's the better person

2. [+568, -64] None of this would be happening if you didn't run your mouth on 'Taxi' in the first place, you stupid b*tch

3. [+309, -48] How can she think that this is the same situation? T-ara was hated on for years as if they betrayed the entire country and lost so much time and effort while she went around acting like a nice little princess for the past 5 years... The hate you're getting now is no where near 1% of the hate T-ara has gotten

4. [+52, -25] Well it shows that the twins are not your average people to be messed with. Imagine how upset T-ara is over the past 5 years that they've lost ㅋㅋ although T-ara is at fault too of course

5. [+49, -17] She's acting like such a b*tch now. She's the one who was on 'Taxi' cosplaying as a nice little victim and now her true colors are coming out. You don't want to hear the hate? Then why bring up the topic in the first place!

6. [+47, -6] It's because of you that T-ara got all sorts of hate and lost their popularity in Korea. While you were busy playing victim, did you ever think to clarify what happened with T-ara? Like you said, both sides are at fault but you were the one living the high life as the victim the entire time.

7. [+40, -5] I've never once commented on an article about the sisters but this is ridiculous. Don't you think that what happened went above and beyond simply being "young and inexperienced"? Then what was that whole fake victim act you were putting on? You've done everything you've wanted these past 5 years and now you're crying like you're the victim still... The way you're writing now makes T-ara seem more innocent by comparison.

8. [+36, -6] What a joke... Is she pissed that she's being petitioned off of her drama right now? You should've kept the fight confined in your privacy, why put it all out there for the public to see? And you were the one on 'Taxi' talking about it for the attention and now that you're getting attention, is it not the type that you wanted?

9. [+29, -9] Has she forgotten how much she cosplayed as the victim for the past 5 years? She's telling netizens to shut up only now that the truth is out?

10. [+26, -6] Hey there Ryu Hwayoung-ssi, if you can't handle what netizens are throwing at you, maybe you shouldn't have become a celebrity. I'm not supporting the hate against you right now but how many years do we need to put up with hearing about your fight in the media like this? So if you were young and inexperienced back then, are you any more mature now? Did you make up or anything? This whole thing's a joke

11. [+26, -2] She could've kept up the victim act if only she kept her mouth shut

12. [+26, -3] Wow, what a psycho...

13. [+26, -3] The problem is that one side lost so much while you profited off of your victim image~

14. [+24, -4] Even T-ara never dissed back the haters no matter how much hate they got and yet she thinks she has the balls to?

15. [+24, -1] It's rather disgusting to see the twins act like they're so much better with the way they talk to everyone