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Friday, February 24, 2017

Gaon clarifies that BTS had nothing to do with the plagiarized stage in question

Article: Gaon Chart reps, "Regarding BTS stage plagiarism suspicions, it was our lack of monitoring... we apologize"

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+758, -171] And what about BTS getting all the hate over Gaon's mistake..

2. [+701, -155] So ridiculous. Should've asked in the first place but instead they dumped it all on BTS to make it look like they plagiarized. Very disappointed in them.

3. [+639, -135] To everyone who was hating on BTS, well here's your feedback now

4. [+719, -181] And BTS gets hurt once again... I wish people would just leave them alone ㅠ

5. [+668, -172] BTS has always respected Big Bang and went to their concerts out of respect... all of you who accused them of going to their concerts to plagiarize and cosplaying as fans better apologize right now.

6. [+277, -43] I thought it was ridiculous in the first place that a video Gaon produced was being blamed on the artist... Now that the feedback's out, all of you better apologize

7. [+257, -38] So BTS never did anything wrong in the first place. Anyone who continues to hate on them after this clarification is proving that they're hating them for the sake of it.

8. [+257, -39] Whenever there were controversies at award ceremonies, people always blamed the hosts for it so why is it this time that everyone blamed BTS? ㅋㅋㅋ I wonder what all those haters are thinking now

9. [+242, -38] If you still hate on BTS after this, you're not human



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