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Saturday, February 11, 2017

D-1 to Moon Hee Jun and Soyul's wedding... can his fans be appeased?

Article: Moon Hee Jun and Soyul, D-1 to wedding... will they apologize for the fight with fans?

Source: Mydaily via Daum

1. [+1,638, -224] So he wants a fancy wedding but doesn't want to spend his own money on it, what better way than to use your fans?

2. [+1,290, -119] Such bad timing for him to open concerts right before his wedding

3. [+1,173, -50] The scandal wouldn't be as bad as it is now if Soyul acted better at his concerts..

4. [+892, -13] You're not allowed to bring food into concert halls but Soyul and her friends brought in food and talked in loud voices... Why is she not speaking up? Then she goes and treats fans like they're overbearing sister-in-laws on radio shows and then goes to hide behind her husband's back instead of apologizing...

5. [+760, -14] Fans aren't mad because he's getting married. They're just asking for the most basic form of respect. The fans are the ones who stood by him through all storms of hate. Please don't make them feel betrayed.

6. [+704, -17] I saw the posts made by the fans. Yeah, it's pretty bad. He got some pretty expensive gifts and made them all keep hush hush about it, didn't even let anyone take pictures so that it wouldn't get out. He still had the nerve to ask for even more expensive gifts too. Then he goes and tells his fans of 20 years to stay behind their line and refused to greet them if he's in a bad mood, even glaring at them. Pffft, as if he's the same man he used to be back then ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+396, -6] So why start opening concerts right before your wedding? And Soyul should know that there are so many fans watching her at the concerts, she should've known better than to act that way with her friends. Why cause so many misunderstandings at once?

8. [+340, -3] I'd be mad if I was his fan, especially because they've been fans for so long. It's not out of jealousy over him getting married that they're acting like this, it's betrayal. He sees them as a way to make money. Then Soyul goes and shows attitude at his concerts. No wonder fans are pissed. Then his clarification is nothing but excuses in informal language.

9. [+321, -26] He's a singer though... I feel like it's unfair to accuse him of holding concerts to make money for his wedding when he's a singer and that's the only way he can make money. Sure the other stuff like demanding expensive gifts from fans and Soyul's attitude at the concerts are issues worthy of criticism but the other stuff is unfair..

10. [+253, -1] Honestly wrong of him to turn fans of 20 years who stood by him while being called crazy into blind and jealous liars

11. [+257, -9] The image of a person can all change depending on who you choose to date or marry. Remember when Rain had a negative image with his business scandals and all? But he's like a different person now after getting married to Tae Hee. He looked so aggressive before but now he looks more calm and at peace with himself.

12. [+186, -5] Fans aren't mad because he's holding concerts. It's fine that he's holding them before his wedding, especially since it can also be a celebration of their 20 years together.. but instead he charged exorbitant prices that made them feel like they were being used as a fund for his wedding. On top of that, they had to deal with his wife's attitude at the concerts. This is all his fault.



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