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Friday, January 20, 2017

Twice aims for a February comeback too

Article: Twice to release new song February too... JYP reps "Discussing release date"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+630, -118] Wow, Twice is really hard at work... looking forward to this album too

2. [+492, -103] The current group that matches the word 'trend' the best...

3. [+259, -38] I heard it's connected to the 'TT' music video

4. [+419, -97] They're kicking off 2017 now

5. [+197, -40] So glad to hear, and please don't get hurt!!

6. [+78, -8] Twibabies ♥♥

7. [+75, -10] They're the type of group that makes you feel happier with their bright energy... I'll be supporting their comeback~! Twice fighting

8. [+101, -20] I was discharged from the army last year and their popularity in the army is goosebump inducing. I started every single morning listening to 'Cheer Up' and most of our lunch times and break times were centered around watching Twice shows. If they ever go to perform at army bases, it'll be a consolation performance for sure.

9. [+65, -8] Twice fighting!

10. [+98, -10] Can't wait, let's hit daebak this year too!!



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