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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seventeen's DK criticized for sitting on a pregnant seat on the subway?

Article: Seventeen Dokyum under controversy for sitting in seating area for pregnant women... "Should've left the seat spare" vs "He can move when someone needs it"

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate

1. [+1,203, -315] It's better to leave the seat to spare because sometimes pregnant women find it difficult to approach someone and ask them to move even if they're entitled to that seat

2. [+1,015, -383] I don't think it's anything worth a controversy. It'd be nice if he left it to spare but he can always move if a pregnant woman needs it...

3. [+829, -444] I don't see anything wrong with him sitting there if there was no pregnant women on the subway

4. [+62, -45] Maybe he's pregnant ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but yeah please learn to be mindful of others

5. [+52, -25] The seats are only marked that way for consideration so why should we always leave them empty? It's nice if people leave them empty or move for pregnant women but it's not a law forcing them to do those things. I actually think taking a hidden camera picture of someone like this is more illegal.

6. [+52, -52] He can move if someone needs it. Not like any of you leave elderly seats on the bus empty for elderlies all the time.

7. [+52, -60] Sharing is consideration, not a responsibility

8. [+43, -34] He can always move when a pregnant woman gets on the subway, no reason to leave it empty the entire time

9. [+40, -23] It's basic knowledge though... I'd be too embarrassed to be sitting there

10. [+32, -31] It's alright to sit there but he's a public figure and fans can obviously recognize him so sitting there is a bit...

11. [+31, -19] Wow but seriously he looks so painfully average. I'm surprised anyone even recognized him enough to take a picture.

12. [+29, -7] How much time do people have on their hands to be debating something so trivial like this? Just let him sit there if it's not being used and make him move when someone needs it. What's the big deal?

13. [+28, -5] If you actually ride the subway, you'll notice that the seats are rarely ever left empty for pregnant women. You can just get up and move when someone needs it.

14. [+26, -5] It's not against the law to sit there if you're not pregnant. It's just a form of consideration, and there's no need to point fingers at anyone who is sitting there that isn't pregnant.

15. [+25, -5] The person who took this picture said that there were barely any people on the subway and that he got off after a few stops. Not sure why this is controversial at all.



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