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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Seohyun to release a solo this month

Article: [Exclusive] Seohyun's first solo album comeback impending... to be released within January

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+2,354, -194] Looks like all of Taetiseo has a solo now

2. [+2,047, -317] Quite refreshing to hear about a Seohyun solo. Looks like SNSD is gearing more and more towards solo activities. I went to see Seohyun at her musical and she was so good, had no idea she was that good.

3. [+1,754, -284] I know that she'll prepare well for this. Can't even tell what concept she'll go with but I can't wait for it.

4. [+1,296, -270] Ahhhhhhh~!!! Can't wait for her solo!!!!

5. [+1,207, -264] Seohyun's first solo! Can't wait

6. [+203, -40] I wonder if SM will be giving her some extra attention since she's worked so hard for them all this time..

7. [+211, -47] She's the type who works hard at everything so I know this will be good

8. [+125, -19] She's good at piano and guitar too so it makes me look forward to it more

9. [+156, -32] I really can't predict what concept it'll be, can't wait can't wait

10. [+197, -47] It'll probably be a minialbum like Taeyeon and Tiffany than a digi single for SM Station like Hyoyeon



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