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Thursday, January 19, 2017

[Pann] Suzy's 2015 pictorial under controversy for brothel/lolita vibes?

Instiz: Suzy in hot waters over lolita + prostitution concept controversy

"This is pretty bad..."

"These pictorials are normally planned out extensively so this is quite disappointing..."

"It's quite obvious what concept they were going for..."

"There are a lot of suspicious things about this pictorial from the posing, the camera angles, etc... Why does she have a necktie wrapped around her head? Even if Suzy wanted a vintage, retro concept at a barber shop, there were other angles and poses she could've done. There's just something about the pictures that give off a sexual feeling to them..."

"It just looks retro to me ㅜㅜㅜㅜ I don't think anyone who bought the photobook considered it lolita..."

"Something about the pictures look scary"

"Yeah there are a couple pictures that made me go huk"

"The photographer himself said that there were no lolita intentions so I don't think it's anything to talk about ㅋㅋㅋ"
- It's obviously controversial because people see lolita elements in it regardless of what his intentions were
- I think it's questionable as to why she's posing like that in a barber shop...
- Well Rotta denies that his pictures are lolita influenced as well even though it's clear to the naked eye. His feedback makes no sense. Way too many lolita elements to just call it a coincidence.

"I understand that Suzy wanted to go with that dirty, sexy type of look but she went too far. There are a lot of people who got different vibes from her photos and that requires feedback in itself."

"Even if that wasn't her intention, there are elements that are seen that way by the public which is why it's a problem..."

"Yeah, some of these pictures clearly look like lolita was the intention..."


Instiz: Suzy's pictorial grows in controversy

"It's not just one person that's claiming it has lolita elements but the majority of the people who've seen her photos... feedback is absolutely necessary."

"These are some off putting pictures."

"I wouldn't call it lolita, they look more like prostitution photos to me."

"Yeah, a few of these look lolita to me"

"There's definitely some type of sex appeal going on here ㅠㅠㅠㅠ not necessarily lolita but that whole prostitution/brothel vibe is present"

"I wouldn't call it lolita but there's a weird vibe going on in all of the pictures..."

"Yeah, I thought of a brothel when I saw these pictures... just the overall vibe of it."

"It straight up looks lolita to me.. ㅠㅠ"

"This is blatantly lolita..."

"I really wish photographers would stop choosing concepts that bring controversy like this. Agencies need to do a better job of screening as well ㅠㅠ controversies don't happen out of no where"

"It looks lolita to me. The fairy tale books, the expressionless face, the poses, the camera angles that look like you're peeking at her... and the overall vibe of the place looks like a brothel, very dark and gloomy..."

"It's off putting, that's for sure"

"There's definitely a weird vibe in these pictures"

"I thought of a brothel just from the first picture alone"

"The pictures look sexual to me, but I don't know if I'd call them lolita."


Source: Pann

1. [+259, -177] I hate how everyone calls any pictorial concept a lolita controversy now just to hate

2. [+254, -131] The photographer himself said that the fairy tale book was already at the barber shop because it belonged to the owner's grandson. The photoshoot at the barber shop was very spontaneous to begin with. If you check out the photographer's instagram, none of his pictures have a lolita feel to them. I don't see Suzy acting like a child in any of these photos. And by the way, this is a personal photobook so you're infringing copyrighy by posting the photos.

3. [+225, -95] This is copyringht infringement

4. [+182, -104] This is totally a mix of brothel vibes + lolita elements. The way she's wearing oversized clothing, has a man's necktie wrapped around her, pigtails, that comment saying "daddy", thick make up with see through clothing and a sign that says 'welcome', hugging a teddy bear on the sofa... the intentions are all there.

5. [+177, -107] ???????? People are overreacting... why are so many female communities so sensitive to lolita things... come on, knock it off

6. [+166, -85] This isn't even worth defending because there's nothing lolita about this;; are you all blind??? If this is controversial, then I guess all female celebrities should just stick to doing abstract Vogue photoshoot all their lives;; this is just a vintage pictorial

7. [+120, -14] Isn't it obvious to anyone that there are lolita intentions here? Imagine if Sulli had a photoshoot like this, the reactions would be vastly different.

8. [+104, -39] The vibe is so scary... looks like photos taken of mentally disabled girls who work at brothels in the countryside

9. [+98, -22] Wow, the lolita elements are undeniable.. are you seriously all so dumb as to be missing them or are you so blind in defending her that you just refuse to see???

10. [+87, -4] The hypocrisy is unreal in these comments. The best replies are defending her saying this photoshoot was spontaneous and that none of it had any intentions and yet IU's music videos were dissected down to the props. And another of Suzy's best replies are even worried about copyright infringement ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+80, -3] Under the photo of her on four on the bench, it describes her as 'she really looks like she doesn't listen' which is normally what you say to a little girl, not a grown woman

12. [+69, -9] Suzy was a part of the concept planning process from the beginning, she's no different from IU

13. [+60, -12] Yeah, something about the vibe of the pictures just makes me feel weird...



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