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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[Pann] Are girl groups with only one popular member at greater risk for disbandment?

Pann: The reason girl groups can't have only one member that's popular

Mentions 4minute, miss A, AOA, and EXID as examples of girl groups with only one popular member that eventually ended in disbandment or member issues (although EXID looks strong internally).

1. [+437, -12] I'd put DIA on the list over EXID... the more they promote, the more Jung Chaeyeon gets popular and their agency is totally banking all their support on only Jung Chaeyeon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+391, -6] I think EXID's case is different... they didn't blow up in their first 1-2 years, they were doing so bad at first that they practically disbanded which is probably why the members seem so much closer/stronger.

3. [+328, -12] I wouldn't add EXID to the list. Solji is just as big as Hani on TV now and LE's been pretty famous for her rapping. Hyelin took a few gigs in Solji's place over the year-end celebrations. Sure Hyelin and Junghwa are behind in popularity but each of their song releases have either done average or pretty well so I don't see them disbanding. I sometimes wonder if AOA could disband and considering the fact that no one thought 4minute would but they actually did, the possibility seems open for AOA as well.

4. [+117, -3] You also have Gugudan with Sejung at the top

5. [+114, -1] Add Cosmic Girls and Sungso... their agency doesn't care at all about the other members

6. [+98, -2] Nine Muses too, I don't know any of them other than Kyungri. They went through so many member changes and I'm sure three members recently left as well.

7. [+81, -1] Well ZE:A's not a girl group but Siwan, Hyungshik, Kwanghee, and Dongjun are the only ones known out of that group

8. [+71, -0] AOA's agency does really seem to try hard to support the other members though with Jimin's single, Mina's drama work, and that AOA Cream unit

9. [+61, -0] miss A definitely earns a spot on the list... which is funny because their debut track was such a hit that I was sure everyone would hit daebak but they ended up with Suzy as the only member coming out alive...

10. [+56, -0] Eh? I'd say Solji's pretty popular in EXID too. She's been on a lot of singing shows. EXID is mostly Hani and Solji.

11. [+40, -1] I don't think all of this matters, groups that are meant to disband will disband no matter if the members are close or popular or not;;; BEG and Soshi are unique cases in that they're lasting super long. Most groups seem to disband after contracts go up for renewal and that's probably the norm. The media just makes a big deal out of it calling it the 7 year curse ㅋㅋㅋ how many of you all would like to not be able to date or do anything for 7 years? Not sleep, not eat what you want, basically not live your own life... and then you have to renew your contract and live that life all over again? Definitely wouldn't be easy to say yes...

12. [+37, -0] Take EXID off the list and put Gugudan and DIA up there

13. [+33, -1] I honestly think Park Jin Young messed up on who he chose for the miss A members. He did well by choosing Suzy but JYP used to have a ton of other great trainees like Hyorin, Hani, Song Jieun, Jaekyung, Yooji, Bomi, Naeun, etc...

14. [+31, -3] Posts like this make me appreciate how SM supports their groups. They usually don't promote just one member but all of them.

15. [+30, -0] Well DIA's album cover is straight up Jung Chaeyeon and the rest



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