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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nam Taehyun incites more dating rumors with actress Ryeo Won

Article: Nam Taehyun's picture he deleted at the 'speed of light'... dating rumors back to square one?

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate

1. [+347, -4] These two are dating. I won't go into details but the reason why he left Winner has to do with Ryeo Won.

2. [+282, -5] Well this is undeniable...

3. [+237, -7] Hul, totally undeniable

4. [+64, -13] But why... would Ryeo Won date a kid like Nam Taehyun...?

5. [+63, -9] Why are people saying Ryeo Won could do better? ㅋㅋ She's 13 years older than him, not really a top star... If you think on the flip side, Nam Taehyun could do better by dating a way younger and prettier girl than her. They're dating because they deserve each other ㅋㅋ and they resemble each other in the same way that they're both pretentious

6. [+57, -5] He's the male Sulli....

7. [+54, -1] The fact that he deleted it that fast makes the answer obvious. He really wanted to make it obvious ^^

8. [+45, -5] Ryeo Won has to be the only woman on this entire earth who wears her rings like that?!

9. [+34, -0] There's nothing coincidence about this, I don't know why they bother denying it when it's undeniable

10. [+28, -0] Well this is just 100%



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