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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Kim Yoo Jung returns to SNS after health recovery

Article: Kim Yoo Jung returns to SNS after health recovery "I'll become a person who gives happiness"

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+425, -145] Everyone makes mistakes in life, it's how we all grow and mature. Just don't make it twice~ and come back bright and happy ^^

2. [+404, -67] Take care of your health and stay off of SNS the best you can, it's a waste of time

3. [+358, -114] I'd blame more of the media than her mistake

4. [+33, -32] It's gross how people are still pinning her for a mistake that was clearly manipulated to look a certain way

5. [+31, -40] The water's already been spilled~

6. [+25, -25] But what did she do wrong??? A woman's jealousy knows no bounds... it takes only a moment to exile a celebrity's career by maliciously editing one screencap to look a certain way. There's no worse career than that of a female celebrity's.

7. [+25, -24] I support you ^^

8. [+16, -10] Yes, everyone makes mistakes... even the  criticizing her make mistakes. I just hope that she realizes that her status as a public figure makes it different for her and she chooses to act more cautiously in the future. She's matured fine all along, it's not fair that all of her efforts thus far become nothing over one mistake like this. Stay healthy and show your great acting chops to the public from here on out.


Source: Naver

1. [+4,248, -204] The celebrity industry is not a place for the weak minded...

2. [+2,598, -256] Take care of your health and work hard~

3. [+1,969, -208] The world is no playground, she's learned that now

4. [+1,314, -24] So tired of the media blowing little things out of proportion.. There should be legal implications for journalists like that

5. [+1,430, -435] It's not that she's completely innocent but the scandal itself wasn't anything to drag out for so long either

6. [+375, -68] I think I'd go insane if I was a celebrity... people ragging on you over the littlest things all the time. Definitely not a career for the weak minded.

7. [+283, -72] Hope she spends a happy holiday with her family and comes back with a good drama next time

8. [+310, -85] You cannot bring happiness to others until you yourself is happy first... Be happy, and then share that.

9. [+175, -40] I know it must've been hard but I believe that you've grown stronger as a result. See you in a new drama soon!



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